Getting help

You can get help with all online sites and documents, the quickstart tutorial. You can also create an issue or a discussion on the Codeplex site or querying through the support email.



Goto Codeplex web site, naviguate through Issues or Discussion



Contact me through or just click here

Helping CBR

Both projects implies thousand hours of do not hesitate to navigate and click on advertising on this web site or codeplex.You can also donate through PayPal. Any testimonials or Facebook "likes" is also a way to encourage for further developements. Buying CBR on the store is also a way to support both projects.



You like it ? You use it ? You want to support for further developpement ? Please donate !



If you feel enough courage, you can also ask to translate CBR (both version) into another language. Please, use the support email to get in touch and exchange if not allready under translation or to receive resource files.