CBR has been created to take advantage of the new Metro UI from Windows 8. It is fully touch compliant but work also very well on any mouse oriented device. It has been kept simple and efficient.

  • Reading surface maximized
  • Compliant to the Windows 8 interface
    • Well-known user interface elements
    • Support screen orientations
    • Support Snap
  • Home page with
    • Libraries
    • Recent book items
  • Support multiple languages. French, English, German are suppported.
  • Search and File contracts integrated :
    • to provide results anywhere in Windows 8
    • to provide content anywhere in Windows 8 like for Sky Drive


CBR allow you to create and manage your libraries in a very simple manner.

  • Create, open or delete
  • Fill with book files, or folders or recusively
  • Manage properties


  • Direct open (not added to a library)
  • Remove (from library)
  • Delete
  • Bookmark, with Goto and Clear commands
  • Navigation with previous, first, next, last and goto commands
  • Adjust : Fit width, Fit Height, None
  • Offline mode : copy localy for travelling


CBR.WinRT support the following formats.

Note : CBR does not support multi-volume comics, means with sub-folder in it for each book. It is a design choice mainly for performance reasons.

Note : CBR is under a eavily developpement process toghether with CBR.Desktop and will evolve as soon I stabilize it.